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How Works

Businesses need a great team to succeed.  But it’s tough finding the best people to join their team so they pay consultants hefty sums to find the right people. enables you to commend anyone in your network to a job vacancy registered with  If they are hired, you get the finder’s fee.
Now you have the chance to help employers, help your network, and get paid for it!

Commend Someone and Earn Money

The process is simple:

  1. You see a job being advertised with a finder’s fee.  You know the ideal person and they’re looking for a new job.
  2. Register on as a referrer, and commend your contact through our referral platform.
  3. Your contact reviews your referral, and if they are happy, the referral is sent to the Employer (but without your referrals contact details).
  4. If the employer likes the sound of your referral, you will be asked to introduce the employer to your contact.
  5. If your contact is hired, pays you the finder’s fee.

Will I Be Paid?

If your contact is hired on the basis of your referral, absolutely! receives the finder’s fee when the position is registered.  This means it is that pays the finder’s fee – you are not reliant on the employer to pay out.  This is backed up with an advanced appeal and dispute process if you think you are due a payment.  As doesn’t deduct any tax payable on the finder’s fee, you may need to report this to your local tax authority.

How Do I Start?

Register on as a referrer, then get to know your network really well!

Refer an Employer

Do you know an employer that may benefit from Or have you seen a job advertised that you would like to commend someone for?


Refer an employer and earn a 10% commission of fees for the first job registered by a new employer.

Register as a referrer on, collect your unique code in your Referrer dashboard and pass it to an employer for them to use at checkout.

When they pay for the job, you’ll earn the commission.

Review our Terms and Conditions.

We’re in the beta testing phase – be sure to let us know if you think we can improve the service! Contact us.