Redefining Recruitment


Leverage the power of social and professional networks to help find and recruit the best candidate. enables you to offer a finder’s fee to increase the number and quality of candidates for your job vacancy.

The finder’s fee rewards well connected people when you hire someone who they commend to you. manages the finder’s fee and referral process on your behalf, so you can focus on recruitment.

The Process

The process has five simple steps:

  1. You register an advertised role with and set a finder’s fee.
  2. Referrers commend the best candidates in their network to you.  Referrers are rated to help you decide on the quality of their referral.
  3. If you like the sound of the candidate, you ask for a formal introduction.
  4. You then manage the recruitment process.
  5. If you hire someone commended to you, a finder’s fee is paid to the referrer.  If not, you can claim a full refund of the finder’s fee.

Increasing Reach of Your Job Advert can work either alongside your normal job advertising activities, with your advert displaying the link, or using only social media to share the finder’s fee and link.

The finder’s fee will entice people to reach into their network and identify the most suitable people to commend to you.

Pricing lets you determine the value of the finder’s fee.  This means you can be sure the process suits your budget.

You can choose which currency to pay the finder’s fee from USD, GBP, CAD and EUR.  All transactions will take place in this currency.

The Service Fee is 15% of the finder’s fee subject to a minimum value of:

  • GBP £100
  • USD $150
  • EUR €115
  • CAD CAD$175

If you don’t hire anyone through, the finder’s fee will be refunded.

Review our Terms and Conditions.

We’re in the beta testing phase – be sure to let us know if you think we can improve the service! Contact us.