When a Referrer generates a referral it first requires the person being referred (identified by an email address) to confirm that they consent to their data being used and that it is accurate and correct. Consent is sought by an email being sent to the Employee which has a link to confirm. If no confirmation is received or the Employee does not consent then the Referral will NOT be shared with any Employer.

You have a right to request at anytime that any personal data about you in referrals is no longer processed – please see our privacy notice. You can also request that you are never referred in future referrals. However, please note this will require storing your email address so that we can then ensure it is not used by Referrers. If you have any queries about data usage please contact us at data@commendu.com.

To remove your personal data and/or prevent being referred in the future please follow these 2 steps:

Step 1

Enter your email address to receive a unique code needed for step 2. This is needed so that we know you are the owner of the email address.

Step 2

Enter code and select options